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Boost your image with Luxbooth!


Boost your image with Luxbooth!

Whatever the professional event you would like to organize, our photo booths will allow you to galvanize and to promote your brand in an innovative way! 

A long and boring company event... a gloomy stand at an exhibition or at a trade show... open days where there is just nothing to do? Not on your life? If you want to galvanize your event (and therefore, the renown of your company), you absolutely need to find a concept, something fun and useful, that will make an impression. 

Create some memories reflecting your company image

To fulfill this need, our Luxe booth will definitely be a trump card! Installed at the heart of your event, it will allow your guests to take photos... and to get, in less than 10 seconds, a nice snapshot on a glazed paper that they will be able to take back home.
What’s the advantage? Not only will you offer them a nice activity, but you will let them remember you and the great time they had each time they come across this photo! Our booth photos are 100% customizable (colors, images, logo...) and thus can be totally adjusted to your company image.

Boost your presence on the social networking sites

As a bonus? Thanks to our photo booths, the snapshots can be sent to an email address or can be transferred instantly on social networking sites. To kill two birds with one stone: as well as promoting your corporate image, you will also circulate it widely more efficiently! In short, don't keep looking, you have found THE new generation marketing tool!

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