Enhance your events in Luxembourg
thanks to the photobooth rental

LUXBOOTH vous propose la location de photobooth au Luxembourg pour vos événements professionnels et particuliers. Également appelée borne photo, box photo ou encore selfie box, cette animation photo est idéale pour marquer les esprits et offrir de magnifiques souvenirs.

Qu’il s’agisse d’un événement d’entreprise, une animation commerciale, un salon ou une foire, ou encore à l’occasion d’un mariage ou un anniversaire, les photobooths LUXBOOTH vous permettent de prendre des clichés en mode selfie, puis de les imprimer en quelques secondes à la manière d’une cabine photo.

L’imprimante professionnelle intégrée à la box photo vous assure des tirages de qualité studio en 10 secondes seulement ! L’interface tactile de la borne rend la prise de photos ludique et en toute autonomie. Lancez le compte à rebours depuis l’écran, placez-vous face au photobooth puis prenez la pause. Et le tour est joué !

Nos forfaits sont 100% tout compris ! Vous profitez ainsi de la livraison, de l’installation, du démontage et du retour du photobooth par notre équipe, partout au Luxembourg. Une prestation clé en mains également proposée pour vos événements frontaliers en France ou en Belgique !

Logo Made In Luxembourg
Photobooth Luxbooth au Luxembourg - Habillage Luxair
Photobooth Luxbooth au Luxembourg - Habillage Luxair

The photo booth for your private and professional events
in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

With LUXBOOTH, you have a photobooth for your events organized throughout the year. Traditionally used at weddings and birthdays, the photo terminal promises you a very original animation for your corporate events in Luxembourg: trade show, commercial animation, fair, private party on the occasion of a retirement or team animation building…

This fun event animation will certainly be acclaimed by those present, young and old. Everyone is caught up in the game, the smiles and photos follow one another and everyone can leave with a little souvenir. Thanks to the high-end photo paper, photos printed in seconds from the photobooth come out in professional quality.

For a tailor-made event, you benefit from the realization of your photo frame by our team. Entrust us with your wishes, themes, colors, texts and visuals… we take care of the rest! If you are event professionals in the Grand Duchy (agencies, photographers, wedding planners, etc.), this is the ideal activity to offer to your customers and partners!

4 photobooths ... maximum functionality!

The One Booth photobooth

The One Booth photo terminal has a large touch screen, which allows you to navigate between the different photo frames created. Choose your photo frame, start the countdown and position yourself thanks to the mirror view. Cheeeese!

Once the photo has been taken, it is possible to start printing directly from the photobooth, like a photo booth. In less than 10 seconds, you get a beautiful print on glossy paper, for an ultra original souvenir to take with you!

Farewell to dark clichés with sad colors! The built-in flash ensures optimal image quality, whatever the ambient light. In addition, its compact size (less than one square meter on the ground) allows a minimal footprint!

Photobooth Luxbooth au Luxembourg - Habillage Luxlait

The Emotion Booth photobooth

With its modern and neat look, the Emotion Booth photo box leaves no one indifferent! Navigate from one frame to another from the touch screen to vary the shots, strike a pose and admire the result.

The built-in professional printer lets you start instant printing in seconds, for professional-quality output. Sending by e-mail is also possible, as is sharing on social networks.

Its strong point? Personalization for a totally tailor-made event! Opt for a front panel covering in the theme of your choice (colours, images, logo, etc.) Perfect for a photo animation in the colors of your company!

The 360 Booth photobooth

Are you looking for a truly original animation? Want to impress your guests? Discover the 360 Booth photobooth, the spinner photo booth for making breathtaking 360° videos.

Unique in its kind, this video animation will surely make an impression for all your events in Luxembourg! The principle is simple: the HD camera films the participants on the 360° platform, then a video is generated using our software.

Fully inspired by cinema, take advantage of turnkey entertainment with a presenter on site! The integrated effects (slow-motion, reverse, etc.) enhance the final rendering of the clip, which the guests can then send to each other and share on social networks. 

A “Wow!” assured and an amazing virality for this photobooth that will make your head spin! 

360 Booth, le photobooth 360° personnalisable
Le photobooth Mirror Booth

The Mirror Booth photobooth

The Mirror Booth is the high-end interactive version of the traditional photobooth. Its vintage look embellished with its golden frame will go just as well for a wedding as for professional events.

Where some classic terminals only take simple selfies, our photo device is capable of reflecting the entire reflection of your guests, from head to toe. Take a photo of yourself surrounded by original and personalized animations and let your creativity speak!

Easy to use, its interface is entirely touchscreen to suit all audiences. The Mirror Booth guides you from posing to instant printing of photos, like a photo booth. So, everyone can interact with it, choose an animation, take a photo of themselves and get the shot in just a few moments.

Connected via wifi or via connection sharing, the Mirror Booth allows you to retrieve your photo in digital format in around ten seconds using a QR code. Ideal for sharing with friends on social networks!

An original photo animation for unforgettable memories

The photobooth is an essential accessory for both individuals and companies in Luxembourg. For a private customer, the selfie box is the guarantee of an animation that is out of the ordinary, suitable for all ages and for all types of events: wedding, baptism, birthday, retirement, family celebration or between friends…

For Luxembourg professionals, the photo terminal appears to be a very interesting marketing tool. It allows you to make an impression, while promoting the dissemination of your brand thanks to the prints that customers take away with them. The recovery of e-mails (RGPD compliant) offers possibilities in terms of targeted e-mailing, for the subsequent promotion of your products and/or services.

For an animation in the colors of your event or company, we ensure the creation of your photo frame in your theme, with text and/or logo, as well as the personalization of the front of the photo box (optional for the Emotion Booth ). Live e-mailing is also possible (if you have a wifi connection), as well as sharing on social networks.