360 Booth, the 360° photobooth that makes your head spin

Un événement photobooth 360 pour Amazon

"  Cinema-inspired video animation for breathtaking results  "

Do you prefer video to photography? How about impressing your guests with a 360° photobooth animation? Our spinner photo terminal is the product you need for a memorable event and a crazy experience!

Coming from the United States where it is all the rage at parties, the 360 degree photobooth is inspired by cinema and the staging of music videos. With this spinner terminal, you ensure a 100% turnkey animation carried out by our team.

The operation is simple, the stunning effect is guaranteed: the participants place themselves on the platform and get into action with or without accessories. The HD camera then films in rotation around the scene for a few seconds.

Once the video has been captured, our software automatically generates a mini clip, integrating special effects: slow motion, rhythm changes, reverse effect… Everyone can then upload their video and share it.

A pioneer of its kind on the Luxembourg market, this video animation will enchant your guests and provide them with high quality video memories that social networks love. Visibility and virality guaranteed!

A multi-faceted 360° video animation

4G connection

4 hours of entertainment

Unlimited Videos

On-site technician

Customizable platform

Effects and customization

Our latest events

Here are some of the latest events carried out at our LUXBOOTH clients. The 360 ​​platform can be installed outdoors provided the weather permits (ideally provide an arbor or shelter in the event of a change in weather).

A tailor-made personalization, a result 100% in your image

Le photobooth 360 Booth personnalisé aux couleurs de l'été
Un photobooth 360 aux couleurs de votre événement
Un photobooth 360 aux couleurs de votre événement

The platform offers a customization option for a 100% tailor-made result in the colors of your event. Entrust us with your logo and your visuals, we will dress up your 360 photobooth according to your wishes.