The photo terminal, a fun and quirky animation

in 10 seconds
Touch screen
delivery, installation,
disassembly and return
photo booth accessories
picture frame

Are you looking for that “little something” that will give your reception a twist and make it a particularly convivial moment? Bet without hesitation on our photo terminals… As the guests take their own photo, they will not feel any embarrassment linked to the presence of a photographer. Result: it’s a safe bet that they will quickly let go and improvise in a completely new way in front of the lens! Put some accessories at their disposal (extravagant hats, glasses, masks, wigs…) and the result will be all the more delirious. Note: our Emotion Booth terminal is modular and can therefore be adapted to children.

Two birds with one stone: beyond the immediate pleasure of seeing your guests having fun and laughing heartily, our photo terminals allow them to leave with a unique and lasting memory of your evening! I promise, they haven’t finished talking about it…