How to Choose the Best Photobooth for your Party in Luxembourg

Like the DJ, a photobooth is the ultimate party entertainment.

However, it is not enough to search on Google or call a few photo booth rental companies in Luxembourg and choose the lowest price.

There are a few things you need to consider when renting a photo booth for a party.

We give you a list of key points you need to consider when looking for a selfie box for your next party in Luxembourg.

Things to consider are:

  • The size of your photobooth

Will the photobooth be suitable for the space available in the location you have chosen?

Can it be easily moved and assembled on site?

  • Your guests

What type of audience are your guests? There is a big difference between guests for an 18th birthday and those for a 50th birthday.

You must check with your supplier the solidity of the photobooth. 18 year olds can be a bit crazy! Remember your youth…

  • Wireless

Can the photo terminal only work if there is WiFi?

If so, does the venue provide Wi-Fi access?

Some photo terminals work without the need for WiFi, find out before renting.

This will be a requirement if you want to post live photos on social media or if you want to send them by email.

  • Social networks

To follow up on the last point, ask your supplier if the selfie box has an option to publish photos on social networks.

This does not necessarily mean that all photos are directly published on social networks, but that there is a way to do it from the photobooth.

  • E-mail

Will your guests be able to email each photo taken directly?

This is a very pleasant feature and does not require photo prints to keep memories.

Your guests will be delighted to be able to have a trace of your magnificent evening in their mailbox in the blink of an eye.

  • The photobooth

Is it customizable?

Do you want a plain white booth which is very popular for weddings?

A black and gold cabin?

Or do you prefer the photo kiosk to display your company logo?

Make sure your provider offers the option to customize the selfie box.

  • The accessories

Physical props can be a lot of fun for your guests. Check if they come with your rental or if they are optional. What is certain is that you must have some for your party. Laughter guaranteed!

  • Virtual props

Props can be great fun for your guests, but there’s a limit to the number and type of props you’ll use for your party.

Digital props, on the other hand, allow your guests to choose from a wider range. They can be applied on, above or beside the eyes, mouth or head.

Digital accessories are one of the latest developments in photo kiosks and it’s worth asking your supplier if they offer this option.

  • Guestbook

A guest book is perfect for keeping all the memories of your evening.

This option is always in high demand.

You can paste the photos taken and ask your guests to write a few words. It will be a precious object that you will keep with you for many years.

  • Terms of use

Will you be limited by the number of hours of use of the photo booth? For example between 9 a.m. and midnight?

When will you be delivered? The day before or the same day?

You must ask all these questions and check with your supplier if you want peace of mind during your party.

  • Delivery and return

How will you be delivered? Transporter ? Post Office ?

Or would you prefer that a delivery person from your supplier come to deliver and pick up the selfie box at the address you have indicated? Thus, you will know that everything is controlled by the brand itself. No third-party contact. No nasty surprises.

  • The number of poses

Do you want your guests to have a choice of several poses, i.e. a single pose or a photo with 2, 3 or 4 different poses.

For multi-image photos, do you want them to be perpendicular to the edges of the photo or placed at different angles?

  • GIFs

If you choose several poses per photo taken, do you want Gifs to be generated automatically?

It will make a remarkable effect when you post these Gifs on social media.

  • The format of the photos

Would you like to have only one format to choose from?

Or would you like a standard format in addition to a strip format, like in vintage photo booths?

Know that several possibilities exist.

  • Customizing the photo frame

Would you like text to be written on the frame of your photos, for example “Happy 21st birthday Corinne!” or “the wedding of Robert and Sophie”, etc.

Would you like to add colors to it too? A particular background? A logo ?

Or do you prefer to create your background online or using software and then upload the result to the frames of your photos?

All of these should be agreed in advance with your supplier when hiring a photo booth for an event.

Especially since some photobboth rental providers offer different photo booths, suitable for each event and for all tastes.

With Luxbooth , you are sure to find what you are looking for.

All the details below, absolutely all of them, are present in our packages.

You will be spoiled for choice.

We have made sure to plan everything to satisfy you.

We accompany you throughout Luxembourg so that your party is the most successful and that you have nothing else to think about but celebrating with your guests.

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