Photobooth in Luxembourg, 3 Ways to Entertain Your Guests for Your Party

A party should be a moment of conviviality, rejoicing and fun shared with family, friends and loved ones. To ensure its success, it is important to ensure that everyone does not have time to get bored and is fully satisfied.

Looking for fun and original ideas to entertain your guests at your party? Discover three entertainment ideas to set the mood for your next personal event. Aside from the entertainment, renting a photobooth in Luxembourg will allow you to immortalize your party memories.

  1. Organize a karaoke

Karaoke is an entertainment appreciated by young and old alike given the diversity of songs that it is possible to interpret: retro, summer hits, current trends… It is a very nice activity which allows you to bring your guests around singing and music.

For parties such as a birthday , an evening entertainment with friends, even a wedding , karaoke is excellent entertainment that will be unanimous with your guests. While some will sing their favorite titles, the other guests will be able to dance to the music that passes.

Also, it is a way to set a fun and fun atmosphere at your party. To succeed in this type of animation, it is advisable to choose timeless pieces that appeal to the greatest number. Moment of relaxation, friendly atmosphere, smiles … A karaoke animation brings together all the ingredients for a successful and memorable party.

2. Hire a group of musicians

Music is an essential element to create a good atmosphere whatever the party you want to organize. This type of animation makes it possible to reinforce the conviviality of your festive event and to share good times with your guests on the dance floor.

If it is always possible to choose a DJ for the musical entertainment, opting for a group of musicians represents an excellent alternative. A party hosted by real musicians adapting to your desires and preferences allows you to experience a unique moment of entertainment for your guests, in particular with music played live.

It is important to hire professionals who will be able to immerse your guests in the theme of the party. The group of musicians chosen must know how to adapt their repertoires according to the atmosphere you wish to create. An appropriate and quality musical entertainment not only entertains your guests, but also helps to warm up the atmosphere to energize your party and mark the spirits of your guests.

3. Make a photobooth animation

A party is punctuated by the activities planned to occupy and entertain your guests on that day. Whether it’s for your wedding , a birthday , a baptism or other, organizing a fun photo shoot can add a good dose of fun to your party and make it much more fun .

In addition to lending itself to all occasions, the photobooth allows you to capture the best moments and thus keep great souvenir photos . Here is a short guide to find out how to best organize a photobooth event in Luxembourg .

Photo booth, photo booth, selfie box… Which photo booth to choose?

Before renting a photobooth for your party, you must first choose the most suitable device. Several choices are available to you depending on the activity you are planning: touch photo booth , connected photo box , photo terminal on tripod , photo selfie box. In any case, it is recommended to opt for an open photobox on a stand which has the advantage of offering more possibilities during the photo shoot .

Unlike closed photo booths , this one makes it easy for several people to pose and does not require too much space. Your guests will be able to take fun and delirious photos in a group, take original selfies , have their portrait taken in the classic way, stage themselves with a disguise accessory in front of the lens

Their imagination is their only limit to make unforgettable photos

Be sure to choose a photo booth self-service and easy to use so that your guests are completely independent during shooting. Ideally, opt for a photobooth with a touch screen and offering options such as: instant print , unlimited photo prints , sharing on social networks (facebook, instagram, snap ), direct sending of photos taken by email .

On the other hand, the possibilities of personalizing digital photos are also to be taken into account: application of filters (for example black-and-white or vintage), animated gifs , etc.

How to decorate and accessorize your photobooth?

The decorations around and in the background of your shooting space should not be neglected in order to arouse in your guests the desire to take their picture . You can design the decorations of your photo booth using different elements: backdrop , fringed curtains , multicolored balloon arch, customizable decorative banner , sequins

These wall decoration accessories and photographic background can be chosen according to the theme of the party ( countryside , bohemian, tropical , unicorn …) or in the colors of the event ( rose gold , red and black, pastel…)

For an original animation , do not hesitate to opt for quirky and unusual decorations. Similarly for the dressing , it is possible to decorate the facade and the contours to add a few personalized touches: playful signs , slates with messages, giant Polaroid photo frame , garland , etc. Regarding photobooth accessories and disguises , there is something for everyone: mustaches , hats , mouths, photobooth stick kits

Marmoset ! Cheese! Guests can have their picture taken in a fun setting, dressed up or not, and leave with their printed photos as a keepsake.

Karaoke, musical entertainment, photobooth: these three entertainment ideas will allow you to entertain your guests and bring an additional festive dimension to magnify your party.

The photobooth rental in Luxembourg is the ideal option to memorize the best moments of your event and to keep unforgettable memories.

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