3 Alternatives to a Luxembourg Wedding Photographer

Your wedding: the biggest day of your life , the biggest party you’ll ever throw, the most memorable moment in your relationship!

Everyone wants their wedding to be an unforgettable event .

This is why wedding photographs are so important .

Photos help immortalize your wonderful day so you can watch for years to come the smiling faces of your loved ones , the tears in the corners of your friends’ eyes, the hugs and laughter of all your guests.

However, professional wedding photographers are not cheap, quite the contrary.

There are creative solutions to help you stick to your budget while throwing a different party.

1. Photograph your wedding yourself

Most of us know how to handle a camera these days, so why hire a professional for a job we can do ourselves? Give your guests a disposable camera or ask them to bring their own so they can capture the day from their own perspective.

To make sure you get the important photos of the ceremony, first kiss, cake cutting, and first dance: make a list of the shots you want taken and divide them among a few key people so no one gets caught. have to take more than two photos.

If you have enough people to take pictures, you will definitely get some great shots.

You can also give a quality camera to one or two of your loved ones, photography enthusiasts and ask them to take all the photos they want of this wonderful ceremony that is yours.

In any case, when it comes to photography, you will always find someone around you who is passionate about photography. People can’t resist being of service, let alone using their talents.

So don’t hesitate to talk about it around you and ask if it might be of interest to anyone.

2. Only rent the equipment

Whether it’s photography or video, if you want professional equipment without the expense of a pro, you can rent cameras for your guests to pass around to capture the day.

You can even leave the cameras and cameras available so that everyone can decide, if they wish, to take photographs or videos of your wonderful day. It will be an original activity for all your guests who, for sure, will rush to the cameras to immortalize your wedding according to their vision.

Then, you just need to find a relative or a professional to carry out the assembly.

You get fantastic, professional-quality video memory for one low price.

3. Rent a Photobooth

To give a funky and modern touch to your wedding, you can hire a photo booth to immortalize this special day.

Tell yourself that your guests will love it.

Your photos will be truly unique, your guests will be able to keep their own memories of the event and you will receive a beautiful and incomparable photo album.

Modern photo kiosks are even equipped with the possibility of sending photos directly by email so that your guests can post on social networks all the important moments of your event.

Anyone who’s been married knows how hectic the day can be. You start with the best intentions in the world to ensure that you will spend at least one moment in the day with all your friends, family, loved ones and co-workers.

Unfortunately, for most couples, this happens very rarely. Lack of time.

Know that your guests don’t want to bother you too much and want to spend some time wishing you the best of luck and telling you how much they had a great time.

This is where renting a photobooth makes sense.

In addition to taking photos that your guests will cherish and a copy to keep if you set it up, the selfie box allows, among other things, to generate GIFs automatically.

This will allow your guests to take crazy poses at will and then share them with everyone around them during your wedding reception. You can then have the pleasure of watching these animated photos after your big day. Moreover, they will be saved and become part of your memories of your wedding day.

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