5 reasons to rent a photobooth for a wedding in Luxembourg

Your wedding is definitely one of the biggest events of your life. It deserves to be special and unforgettable, not only for you, but also for all the guests who will share your happiness.

Planning a wedding can be tiring and stressful, even with the help of an event agency . You have to find the perfect reception venue , create a fantastic menu, find the dress of your dreams, draw up the guest list… And it’s completely normal to want this day to be extraordinary. Several original animations will allow you to make this celebration joyful and totally original, especially with a PHOTOBOOTH !

A photo box is essential today for the animation of a wedding . If you are a bride and groom , discover 5 reasons to rent a photo booth .

1. A Luxembourg photobooth offers a souvenir for everyone

Installing a photobooth for a wedding in your place of reception in Luxembourg will be the ideal gift that you can offer to your guests. This photo animation gives them the opportunity to really let loose and have fun . Equipped with a reflex camera and a built-in flash, a photobooth allows you to take professional quality selfies . Its touch screen ensures a simple and fun handling. As with a Polaroid or a photo booth , each photo taken can then be printed , directly from the photobox itself, thanks to an integrated printer . The high-end photo paper allows a sublimation of the photo print. The guests thus leave with a nice memory of this wonderful moment. And your wedding will not be forgotten!

But that’s not all ! After the event, you will receive absolutely all the shots on the selfie terminal in digital photo in your online gallery, in the customer area. The number is unlimited! You can easily share them with your loved ones and on social networks.

2. A Luxembourg photobooth is fun for young and old

It’s not always easy to find event entertainment that pleases and entertains everyone. An activity that entertains both children and adults throughout your wedding evening. The layout of a photo booth with a photobooth will guarantee you unanimity. Throughout the reception, the photo booth will invite all your guests in front of the camera and create a joyful atmosphere. Everyone will lend themselves to the game quickly! The youngest and the oldest, even the most shy , will want to take their picture and have their portrait taken in a few minutes.

To ensure that your guests are aware of the presence of the photo box , signage is necessary. Place arrow-shaped signs that indicate where the photo booth is and encourage them to use it.

3. A Luxembourg photobooth is 100% customizable

Personalized wedding photos make events absolutely unforgettable . With personalized photobooth frames, you get fun keepsake photos that are perfect for your wedding theme . Your guests will have the pleasure of having fun switching from one photo frame to another from the touch interface, in order to have varied and very original photos.

The covering of the front of the photobooth is also possible as an option so that it blends in with your decorations and your wedding theme. Whatever your theme: vintage wedding , romantic, travel, black-and-white , tropical …, everything is possible!

A nice background is also essential for your photobooth animation . This is displayed on all the photos, and must therefore be well decorated, in your image . Your photo-call should be adorned with decorations that reflect your wedding theme. If you only have a simple plain-colored wall, a multitude of accessories allow you to decorate it: ribbons, curtains , banners , slates with pretty phases, balloons , hanging fresh flowers, suitcase … For a country wedding, use the natural beauty around you as your backdrop .

4. A Luxembourg photobooth guarantees quality animation

Once your camera is set up and hooked up, it will do the work on its own, without the need for a dedicated photographer . Easy to use , everyone can take a selfie photo independently. All you have to do is choose your photo frame, stand in front of the camera and start shooting . A countdown appears and all you have to do is say “ Marmoset ”!

Guests can then choose whether or not they want to print their photos instantly from the photobooth.

So, relax and fully enjoy this special day! The photobooth is in charge of animating and offering a good time to your guests throughout the event, from the reception to the dessert.

Laughter and good humor are guaranteed!

This evening entertainment allows your guests to give free rein to their imagination. This will give you cool and quirky photos . It is advisable to provide various photobooth props for guests to pose with. Masks on sticks , big glasses, hats , crowns, mustaches , fake mouths …, these funny accessories will bring a personal touch to your wedding.

5. A Luxembourg photobooth makes it possible to create links

Equipped with a tripod and easy to install, the wedding photoboxes must be placed in a welcoming and frequented place, where your guests can see it easily. Its installation is easy! Call on your family or close friends to start the photo shoot . The other guests will arrive quickly, with smiles , to take pictures with you, in a friendly atmosphere. An endless queue will appear shortly after in front of the selfie booth . Everyone wants to take beautiful photos with this or that person with a costume accessory (false mustache on a stick, top hat , wig, etc.) in order to have a souvenir photo .

With your guestbook , you can also collect printed photos. Invite each guest to stick the photo prints of their choice and write a little message of affection, congratulations or other surprises.

Excellent fun for the guests (but also for the bride and groom! ), the Luxembourg photobooth is the essential ingredient to make your wedding extraordinary. This original animation gives your guests a moment of entertainment and joy. And you keep original souvenir photos, invaluable compared to classic group photos which are sometimes a little frozen.

In addition to its fun side, photo booth rental for your wedding also ensures a simple and quick installation. An electrical outlet is sufficient to operate the machine. Its compact design allows it to be moved easily during the reception.

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