An Incredible Engagement Party in Luxembourg thanks to a Photobooth

D-Day is approaching and you are looking for an original animation to brighten up your engagement party?

A fun activity that will please all your guests, from the youngest to the oldest?

For several years, the photobooth has become a must at wedding parties.

This photo corner allows your guests to take their picture with an instant impression .

They will then leave with unforgettable memories of your union. Beautiful smiles , laughter and a friendly atmosphere will be guaranteed!

LUXBOOTH explains in one click what you need to know about photobooth rental and where to get them for your receptions in Luxembourg.

Photobooth rental in Luxembourg for a fun engagement event

Also called photo booth , selfie box or photo box , the photobooth is very trendy these days. It invites itself in particular to all private or professional events : weddings , birthdays , baptisms , company evenings , etc., but also to commercial events in stores. It has even become a must-have for couples who say “Yes” to each other, whether it is a secular or religious ceremony .

The photobox is small and totally innovative in format, which comes in different designs. It moves easily and lands absolutely anywhere. It allows your guests to gather, strike a pose and take selfie photos under a well-decorated photo booth in keeping with your wedding theme . They can dress up if they wish with fun photo accessories of all kinds: mustaches , glasses, bows , wigs…

Taking pictures with a photobooth is very simple. Your guests just have to select the photo frame of their choice on the touch screen and start the countdown. Once the photos have been taken , they can proceed with their printing , which takes only a few seconds thanks to the professional printer integrated into the photo kiosk. This entertaining photo shoot allows all your guests to let their imaginations run wild throughout your engagement. In addition to ensuring a friendly atmosphere, photo booth rental also allows you to keep great souvenir photos of your union.

So why deprive yourself of it?

Renting a Luxembourg photobooth for your engagement: what are the advantages?

Renting a photobooth for an engagement party gives you many advantages.

  • An independent photo animation benefiting everyone

The photobooth, once installed and plugged in, allows your guests to take selfie-like photos in complete autonomy. Its handling is quick and its operation very easy. Just stand in front of the lens , start shooting and wait for the countdown.

Say ” Marmoset ” and let’s go!

Thanks to this simplicity, everyone will have the pleasure of using your photo box during your engagement party, children and adults alike.

To encourage the more timid , you simply have to position your photo booth in a corner of your reception area, a little out of sight.

All your guests will be able to have fun and take funny pictures thanks to the disguises.

Photobooth rental also makes group photos and interactions easier. It allows you to bring together, in magnificent souvenir photos , all the people who matter most to you: parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, children, cousins, cousins…

  • A quick and easy photo studio to set up

In addition to being an entertaining photo animation , photobooth rental in Luxembourg also guarantees you a simple installation in a few minutes. Say goodbye to huge photo booths that take so much time to edit. With a minimalist design, the current photo terminals are easily transportable and quickly set up. You will only need a simple power outlet to operate them. No need to have computer or photography knowledge. The set is usually already pre-configured by the rental company and ready to use. A flash is integrated to ensure quality photos .

During the wedding party , it is possible to move your photobooth. It can be used both outdoors and indoors . Just be careful that it is not exposed to direct sunlight or humidity.

  • Fun and unforgettable souvenir photos for you and your guests

On the wedding day, it will be difficult for you to keep an eye on everything that is going on. This is where the photobooth comes in. It offers you an unforgettable memory of this moment. This is because every original photo taken by guests is saved on the SLR camera . It is thus possible for you to relive the entirety of this great event of your life. An online gallery is sent to you a few days after the wedding containing all the photos. You can then download them and share them with your loved ones in digital photo or by printing them.

For your guests, the photobooth rental allows them to leave with a wonderful memory of your wedding. They can print their photos from the machine itself. An integrated photo printer allows immediate printing in seconds. Thanks to a high-end photo paper , the photo prints are of professional quality.

Would you like to rent a photo booth for your engagement? LUXBOOTH offers photobooth rental, adapted to your budget , for all your events anywhere in Luxembourg. Our photobooths allow you to take pictures and then print the photo prints in one or more examples. Everything can be done from the photo box and in just 10 seconds, thanks to an integrated professional printer. Your family and friends will leave with their photos printed in high quality!

Do not hesitate to consult our website to discover our turnkey offers and to request your quote.

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