Luxembourgers Now Know How To Throw A Great Party!

Throwing a party is an art form!

There are a million things to consider when it comes to throwing the ultimate party , the one everyone will remember.

From booking the DJ to planning the food, arranging the guest list and booking the venue, there’s everything to think about.

Before you even start considering all the little details that will make this party the event of the season , you have to plan!

You have decided to install a photobooth for your magnificent party and you are right.

You know what a photo booth is and have a good idea of how it works.

But what should you pay attention to when choosing your selfie box and rental company?

We at Luxbooth have come together to answer all your questions and offer you some exciting ideas for an amazing party !

  1. The budget

First, you will need to consider your budget. How much have you planned for the rental of your photobooth?

In fact, prices vary a lot and each supplier offers different services.

You will therefore have to study them well to find out if they correspond to your needs, but also to your budget.

  1. The guest book

Next, you will need to check if the supplier offers a guestbook and if it is included in the rental package. Some companies provide it as part of the package or as a special offer, while others charge for it separately.

The idea of the guest book is to be able to make it available to your guests, so that they can fill it in and decorate it with photos taken of their choice with a small personal message to your destination.

It is recommended that you opt for a guest book, as it is a lasting memory that you can cherish in the days, weeks and years following your big event.

  1. Format and personalization of photographs

When choosing your photobooth supplier, be sure to ask what options are available.

At a minimum, you’ll want to have multiple formats to choose from and free photo frame customization.

Do not forget the possibility of sending the photographs directly by email, or even the automatic generation of GIFs.

And yes, there are plenty of options available and you will find them all at Luxbooth!

  1. Customizing the photobooth

Regarding the style of the photobooth, some photobooth rental companies offer you the possibility to customize it. Thus, you will have the possibility of having the exterior covering of the machine completely personalized in the image of your company or your event (colors, images, logo, etc.): you are thus guaranteed a 100% design terminal !

Other simpler options are to choose the color of the booth according to the color scheme of your event. However, we see that the most popular choice remains the white photo booth for a wedding ;-).

  1. Arrive in style

If you and your friends want to make a grand entrance on your party day, nothing beats your very own red carpet!

Place it in front of the entrance, ask a loved one to take as many shots as possible and start practicing your best Hollywood pout.

  1. Have fun taking your picture

To keep the memories forever etched in your memory, hire a fun selfie box to immortalize the fun! You can choose props, whether physical or virtual, so you can take as many crazy photos as you want.

  1. let the games begin

Rent your favorite arcade games so you and your friends can fight crime or save the world from a zombie invasion while scooting or shimmying on the dance floor.

  1. Forget pizza and ice cream

Get creative with your party food: chocolate fountains, beer stations, and milkshake bars. Anyone can let loose and enjoy the food they love by drawing it, dipping it and drinking it. If you opt for this self-service version, remember to add towels. Lots of towels!

  1. Do your friends have The Voice?

Nothing can create as much atmosphere in a party as karaoke. Why hire a DJ to play the latest hits when you can do it yourself? Choose your song, rehearse your movements, breathe deeply and make your reception area your own Discotheque.

At Luxbooth, we have an amazing selection of photo kiosks that are ideal for any event, from birthday parties to weddings, baptisms to bachelorette parties (hen parties)!

If you’re looking for a special way to capture the memories of your big days, look no further, contact us today at:

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