The New Trend in Luxembourg To Celebrate: Rent a Photobooth

Photobooth in Luxembourg: the new trend to energize your party

Who says party, says atmosphere… and souvenir photos . For the organization of your wedding , a birthday party , a baptism , a Halloween party or other, do not miss the photobooth trend, an original animation .

Planning a fun photo session or a photobooth animation with a photo booth allows you to give your guests a unique and fun experience. With these fun activities appreciated by all, the success of your event is guaranteed.

It’s also a great way to immortalize the wonderful moments spent with your families, friends and loved ones laughing .

So why not rent a photobooth in Luxembourg for your party? Here are some reasons and advantages that should convince you to rent a selfie box .

Organize a stylish photobooth to entertain the guests

A memorable party is above all good humor, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, laughter . What better than the photobooth to make your event unique and unforgettable. It is a very popular photo animation that is sure to delight young and old, young and old, even the most timid . To raise the mood, all you have to do is provide your guests with a photo booth and a selfie frame. Do not forget the accessories so that the photos taken are more fun and original . Say Marmoset ! Your guests will be able to take a photo of themselves or have their portrait taken alone by letting themselves go completely in front of the lens for their greatest pleasure. Selfies , quirky group photos, delirious stagings, disguises : everyone can let their imagination run wild for a fun result. Enough to create surprising and authentic memories for you and your loved ones.

Celebrating with a photobooth in Luxembourg: the advantages

The photo allows you to keep track of an event that has marked your life. Nowadays, it has become common to keep and share beautiful photos from a party on social networks like Facebook or Instagram. Renting a photobooth in Luxembourg is the ideal option to add a unique atmosphere to your party and build unforgettable memories. Here are the main advantages of a photobooth:

Original and trendy

The photo booth rental contributes to bring a touch of originality and trend whether it is for your wedding , birthday or simply for an evening entertainment with friends. By opting for a photo box, you and your guests can easily take fun party-themed photos. Indeed, you can create a personalized decor and photograph yourself with various accessories in order to obtain fun and offbeat shots.


With a photobox or a photo selfie terminal, your guests won’t be bored at your party. This is a way to create a good atmosphere, but also to entertain your guests . In addition to providing quality photos , it is also possible to directly add different filters and effects: vintage, black-and-white , gif


Thanks to a photobooth, each guest can pose at any time without having to ask the photographer . In general, this device has the advantage of being easy to use and ready to use. Depending on the model chosen, your guests will be able to share their photos directly on social networks or send them to each other by email using the functions of the connected seflie photo terminal. Ideally, choose a professional quality photobooth with a touch screen , a tripod , with unlimited shots and impressions.

Souvenir gifts for all

It is customary to offer a small gift to the guests in order to thank them for their presence at your party. Thanks to a photobooth, your guests will be able to take digital photos with the possibility of immediate printing to leave with their printed portraits as a souvenir.

Successful photobooth animation: tips and tricks

Decorate your photobooth

For an original photo animation, it is recommended to create decorations related to the theme around your photobooth in Luxembourg . A photocall will allow you to add a personalized touch to the portraits taken. For the decor and dressing of your photobooth , several possibilities are available to you: backdrop , curtains , balloons , decorative slate- style panel, bubble signs to fill, decorative banner , pennant garlands , sequins .

Bring a fun touch with photobooth accessories

Photobooth accessories are essential to make photo shoots more fun . Depending on the party you are organizing, you can choose accessories that fit perfectly with the theme or opt for quirky and unusual accessories. Whatever your preferences, you are spoiled for choice: mustaches , hats , mouths, these are original photobooth kits mounted on sticks

Liven up your photobooth with fun photo shoots

Planning an animation around your photobooth in Luxembourg will allow you to offer an even more fun experience to your guests. Think about organizing activities to do alone or with others during the photo shoots. To do this, you can, for example, opt for the funniest photo contest. To motivate your guests even more, offer a small reward to the person or group who wins the game. Laughs guaranteed!

Wedding, birthday, baptism… If you want to bring a trendy side and a super fun touch to your personal event, just rent a photobooth in Luxembourg .

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