Save Money for Your Wedding by Renting a Photobooth in Luxembourg

There’s nothing like a photo booth to create original and unforgettable memories during a milestone event. The wedding photobooth is the ideal photo animation to make your ceremony even more convivial and festive.

In addition to bringing a fun and unique dimension, renting a booth or photo booth is, among other things, an economical option. Capture all the magical moments , take quirky wedding photos , offer pretty souvenir photos to guests, do without the services of a professional photographer to save money The advantages of renting a photobooth in Luxembourg for your best day are numerous.

Here are 4 good reasons to have a photobooth at your wedding:

The importance of souvenir photos for a wedding

A wedding is a unique and precious day. During the preparation, the bride and groom all want the same thing: to make this moment an exceptional memory for them, but also for the guests .

The wedding celebration is often a great opportunity to take photos, surrounded by loved ones, friends and family, in order to immortalize this day full of emotions. To bring a touch of originality and fun to your photo shoot on D-Day, the photobooth is one of the essential activities of the moment.

This trendy activity is attracting more and more newlyweds . Especially since all the guests without exception love to indulge in it, big and small, even the most shy.

By offering a photobooth animation , you will certainly be surprised by the photos taken . Crazy poses, fun portraits, smiles full of joy, giggles … Success is always there during the photo shoot .

Moreover, the types of autonomous photographic device such as photo terminals , photoboxes or cabins have several advantages over cameras . There are many possibilities: take selfies , take advantage of instant printing ( Polaroid style), add frames for personalized photos, share quality photos directly on social networks.

By opting for a fully customizable photobooth equipped with a photo printer , your guests will be able to leave with pretty printed photos as a souvenir.

A professional photographer is expensive

Calling on a wedding photographer to take pictures during the celebration of your union is often expensive. The prices displayed by a professional photographer are most of the time high and vary according to their experience and the services they offer: photo pack , film photo report , studio photo shoot as a couple…

Of course, using the services of providers specializing in high-end weddings requires a substantial investment. For information, the photographer would represent on average around 15% of the total budget, in France. In addition to the skills and level of experience, the high cost of the photographer is explained by the various materials necessary to photograph the event and ensure the development of the photos . In addition to the camera or DSLR , he needs several lenses, photographic flash and memory cards. Added to these are a number of computer tools for photo processing and printing : computer, printer , retouching software.

Photobooth rental in Luxembourg to save money

Hiring professionals in the field of event photography for weddings involves planning a substantial budget. Looking for a cheaper and more convenient alternative?

Whether you have a fairly tight budget or are looking for a certain touch of uniqueness, photobooth rental Luxembourg is the solution for you. Of course, prices may vary depending on the model chosen: touchscreen and connected kiosk, interactive interface, customizable frames…

In any case, if you rent a photobooth instead of a wedding photographer, be sure to save a lot of money. Its particularities? The photobooth offers various customization options, allows unlimited shots and instant printing , send digital photos by email or on social networks, in addition to being easy to use .

In addition, the presence of a photo box , photo selfie terminal or photo booth at your wedding has many advantages. Guests can take their picture at any time, have their portrait taken independently, have fun in front of the lens to create funny and unusual memories.

The benefits of renting a photobooth for your wedding

Renting a photobooth in Luxembourg for the most important day of your life has nothing but advantages. It is a solution that helps to optimize the budget allocated to all things wedding photography.

On the other hand, the photobooth is an excellent way to think outside the box by offering guests an original and entertaining activity . Providing guests with a photo terminal and concocting a fun animation will enhance the atmosphere of your party.

How to organize and succeed in a wedding photobooth animation ?

Remember to entertain your guests with funny photo accessories on sticks or disguise kits placed near the photo terminal: mouths , mustaches , hats

The dressing and decorations of your photobooth should not be neglected. Depending on your preferences and the desired result, several choices are available to you. For a vintage wedding , you can choose a printed backdrop or a glitter studio backdrop for example. For a rustic wedding, opt for a flower curtain , a linen garland combined with message signs . Foliage backdrop , balloons (transparent, letters, etc.) , fringed decor , empty photo frame are all possible possibilities depending on your theme.

Photo terminals for a wedding are available on the market and the prices vary according to the options chosen. Anyway, renting a photobooth in Luxembourg for your big day allows you to save on your wedding budget and setting up a photo corner is always unanimous in the eyes of your guests.

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