Why the Photobooth is the Most Popular Animation for Weddings in Luxembourg

Do you need original entertainment ideas for your wedding ? Are you looking to entertain your guests with playful and fun activities? The photobooth is the attraction that brings everyone together and entertains , to the delight of the bride and groom and their guests. Renting a photo booth type booth or a photo booth for a wedding is the guarantee of immortalizing the celebration with amusing and original shots.

Also, a photo box animation helps maintain a friendly and festive atmosphere during the reception, while creating unforgettable memories. Especially since the guests will be able to have fun taking quirky wedding photos throughout the day, sharing moments of laughter and fun , and leaving instantly with their printed photos .

The photobooth is all the rage at weddings

Fun activity par excellence, the photobooth is a wedding entertainment very popular with guests. At the time of the organization, more and more bride and groom are opting for the rental of a cabin or photobox to animate their reception. Indeed, it is a clever solution that facilitates the setting up of your wedding photobooth . Just have your self-service photo kiosk in an accessible and well-lit place, prepare custom decorations to enhance the photos taken , plan some photo booth props for take crazy photos and let your guests have fun in front of the lens as they please. Fun photo session , original staging and unique souvenir photos will be on the program.

To share moments of happiness

There is nothing more precious than the moments of happiness and the most beautiful smiles captured on your most beautiful day. Setting up a photo booth area at your wedding means giving your guests the opportunity to have their portraits taken and take selfies in their own way to leave you with a memorable memory thanks to fun photos . Young and old alike will love to pose as they wish and at any time: from the reception / cocktail until the end of the evening. With the selfie kiosks , be sure to get beautiful, professional-quality photos for every wedding photo . Expect unexpected poses and surprising portraits of your loved ones.

Original and crazy memories

What could be better than a photobooth animation to keep a memorable memory of your biggest day. Your guests can photograph themselves alone or in a group, in a decor arranged according to the wedding theme . For more fun , don’t forget to provide your guests with various accessories such as: hats , mustaches , red mouths , etc. Indispensable for obtaining funny photos , these accessories are often offered in kits fixed on sticks . Empty photo frame , slate style message sign , polaroid board are among the most used elements to create original memories with a wedding photobooth .

personalized photos

Each wedding is unique and each souvenir photo during this celebration must also be. The photobooth allows you to take pictures 100% personalized to your image . You should know that the customization possibilities depend on the chosen shooting device. A touch terminal equipped with the latest technologies offers the possibility of customizing the photos in real time with different visual effects ( black-and-white filter, pola style frame, snap , etc.), but also with digital accessories ( augmented reality , overlay with or without green background , gif , boomerang , bullet-time …)

On the other hand, the background of your wedding photobooth should not be neglected to perfect your shooting session and encourage the most timid to come and photograph themselves. Wall or arch of balloons , curtain with sequins or decorated with sequins , light garland can be used as a photo-call background to magnify your vip box space.

Unlimited digital photos

A photobooth allows you to take unlimited digital photos which are saved in the terminal. These can be transferred to a USB key , sent by email or shared live on social networks. Depending on your budget , you can also opt for unlimited photo prints to pamper your guests. In addition, it is possible to choose between different photo formats both when shooting and when printing : portrait, landscape, strip, etc.

Easy-to-go wedding favors

Souvenir gifts for everyone! Most photobooth kiosks have an immediate print option allowing your guests to print photos instantly. The shots are printed in a few seconds and your guests leave with a personalized souvenir of your wedding for their greatest happiness. On the other hand, you can use the printed photos to decorate your guestbook and thus create a memorable and original memory of your union.

Photobooth rental in Luxembourg is a great way to impress your guests and immortalize the day of your union with original and personalized photos.

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